Our Story

Stratotegic Inc is an aerospace & space robotics company that specializes in the flight coordination of unmanned stratospheric flight and advanced research in machine learning for space and stratospheric systems. The company was founded by a veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force in 2019 with operational experience spanning the airspace above 5 continents. 

What we do

  • Country overflight and air traffic control coordination for stratospheric unmanned balloons and aircraft.
  • Provide and coordinate flight of high-altitude platform systems for communications and near-space product R&D testing.
  • Research and development in autonomous navigation for stratospheric unmanned free balloons deemed by experts to be at the technological cutting edge.

With the assistance of Mitacs Accelerate program and in partnership with Queen’s University, Stratotegic is conducting research at the edge of known technology in the field of artificial intelligence for autonomous control of a network of high-altitude platform systems (HAPS). This research can be used to support a wide range of mission purposes including communication, astronomy, and near-space R&D equipment testing. This state-of-the-art research, which has already been tested in simulations, has been recognized by the Fields Institute at the University of Toronto, which is also providing financial support to the development of our research at Stratotegic.

Our Partners